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Officers & Chairpersons

Executive Board

President- Kortney Lillestrand

Vice President- Emily Rolfing

Secretary- Lauren Boeck

Treasurer- Maureen Starace

Financial Secretary- Leah DuBois

Historian - Jennifer Nahas

Parliamentarian- Gina Cho

Standing Committee

Membership Chair- Vanessa Moreno

Technology Chair- Emily Rolfing


Click here to learn more about each of these positions.

Committee Chairpersons


Jogathon – Ryan Gates

Angels Family Night– Kim Halpert


Ongoing Programs

Advocacy: *OPEN*

Book Fair – Luzma Ortiz and Allison Eggers

Character Counts – *Under Going Changes at School Site*

Diversity Committee – Ana Downey, Thomas Gardner

Family Engagement – Loujean Kapinus

Garden – Erin Crandall, Audrey Boixo

Green Team – Jill Witte

Hospitality – Emily Rolfing

Library – Allison Eggers, Carrie Gardner

Newsletter – Jenée Zamorano

Reflections (District) – Sara Hevens, Susan Weidhass

Room Parent Liaison – Lauren Boeck

Sponsors – *OPEN*

Yearbook – Trish Dearing

Annual Events

Boo Blast – Andrea Maruska

Boo Blast Bake Sale - Emily Rolfing, Laura Sewell

Boo Blast Haunted House - Allison Eggers, Luzma Ortiz

Boo Blast Silent Auction - Lauren Boeck, Leah Dubois

Boo Blast Sponsors - Christina Ithurburn

Boo Blast T-Shirt Contest - Leigha Feyen

Harvest Festival – Morgan Lamb

Talent Show – Luzma Ortiz

Bus Driver and Custodian Appreciation –Jennifer Nastanksi

Teacher Appreciation – Dana Johnson

5th Grade Promotion – Faith Mills, Stacy Gavin, 

Click here to learn more about each of these positions.


  • For specific opportunities at an event, see each event page, for signups or contact  

  • Several positions are open. What’s a good fit for you? You can put in as much or as little time as you would like to volunteer. Grab a friend and reduce the time commitment.

  • Not sure what’s right for you? Take the Volunteer Quiz and find the right fit.

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