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Book Fair

Choosing their own books empowers kids and inspires them to become Bolder, Prouder, and Stronger Readers.  And—as always—every book they buy earns rewards for our school. 

When is it?

  • One week in Fall/Winter, One Week in Spring

    • Dec 11-15 and May 24-31

Event Details

  • Twice a year the El Morro Librarian, along with the Library chair hosts a Scholastic Book Fair. Students visit the Book Fair in the MPR with their class and guardians can set up their eWallet to purchase books and accessories. The Book Fair is open to students during break and lunch. With the help of parent volunteers this event helps to raise funds for our school as well as encourage students' love of reading!

  • Each teacher will be choosing a day and time for their class to have their own dedicated book fair visit. Please check the Book Fair Volunteer page to see when your student's class is going and sign up if you wish to help!


Scholastic Book Fairs only accept eWallets. eWallets are digital payment accounts for students that provide a worry-free, cash-free process for your kids. We encourage parents to set up eWallets for their children to better assist teachers and book fair volunteers in managing student funds.

  • You need to create a new eWallet for every fair, so even if you set one up as recently as last spring, you will need to create a new one for this current Book Fair.

  • If you have previously set up an eWallet, make sure to use the same email login. 

  • If you have never set up an eWallet before, please select the Register option to Create an Account.

  • Each student will need to have their own eWallet (if multiple students in a family, eWallets will all be under one (1) email account; do not create multiple email accounts!)

  • If you have unspent funds from last year’s eWallet, you must transfer them to your new eWallet in order to use those funds for this new Book Fair. You will find this option at the "Choose how to fund your eWallet" step. 

  • Select how you will fund your student's eWallet, fill out basic student info, fund amount, and payment info. Once complete, an email confirmation will be sent to you with eWallet details. 

  • An eWallet printout is not required for your student to make a purchase. It can be looked up at time of checkout.

  • Teachers will have an opportunity to fill a wish box of books they would like for their classroom. The parent shopping hour made available each morning, will be an ideal time to help fill up their wish box!

Volunteer Sign-up link - To make this event a success we need parents help to set up, run the Book Fair register, assist students shopping, and tear down. Please use this link to sign up to volunteer.

For more info, please contact committee chairs at

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