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Book Swap

The book swap is a great opportunity for students to trade in books that they have already read and pick out some new books that interest them.

When is it?

February 27 - March 9th

Event Details
  • During the book swap period, students may bring in gently used books (first grade through middle school reading level) to the Library. Students will receive a coupon indicating how many books they may choose at the book swap. For example, if they donate 3 books, they may shop for 3 books. We ask for no more than 3 book donations per student please.  Students who do not donate are also able to choose a book to take home. 

  • Donated books are to be dropped off in person to Mrs. Likins at the library before March 9th (either during recesses or library time).

  • On the day of book swap, each class is invited to shop during their designated library time, recess, or a time chosen by their teacher. Leftover books will be donated.


Book Criteria

Please make choices carefully before bringing in books. Books will only be accepted under the following guidelines:

  • Books must be gently used condition – cover on, no rips, tears, bent edges, stains, coloring, or writing on them

  • Coloring books, activity books, sticker books, and board books will not be accepted

  • All students will get to take a book even if they don’t donate!


Interested in Volunteering? We welcome your help. Sign Up to Volunteer.

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