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The Artmasters program offers a study in visual arts  led by an accredited art instructor, designed to complement history, social studies, and language arts.

Program Details

Each year, six artists and/or artistic styles are selected for study in units that include:

  • The study of an art element related to a master artist’s style or technique

  • A lecture and presentation assembly, delivered by an artist, introducing various art master’s  inspiration and culture through stories, visual aids, and slides

  • A classroom art activity,, planned to relate to the master artist or style by technique, style, and medium.

  • Thanks to the generous support of PTA parents, the Laguna Beach community, and the ongoing contributions of its many in-class and program volunteers the Art Masters Program is available to El Morro students.

  • Previous Master Artist’s studied include Charles Sheeler, Joan Miro, Edgar Degas, Georges Suerat, Andrew Weith, and Piet Mondrian to name a few. 

  • For more information on this program contact

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