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Join El Morro PTA

El Morro's PTA program is designed to promote and support community and family involvement in our school and in the lives of our children. There are many opportunities to get involved.

PTA membership offers

  • A forum for parents, teachers, administrators and other invested adults

  • An opportunity to foster excellence in education,  supporting interests in art, cultures, community, in a healthy and safe environment. 

  • A supportive group that strives to empower families and community members to advocate for all the children. Join today!

FAQ’s on membership

  • I am unable to attend PTA meetings, can I still be a member? Attendance at meetings is not required, although we’d love to have you there. Our goal is to have 100% of parents/guardians and family members become members of the PTA. All adult members of the household can join! 

  • I donate to SchoolPower, what’s the value of joining PTA as well? El Morro's PTA provides funding and resources for programs and opportunities specific to the El Morro Elementary School community such as teacher grants, school events, Garden and Field Trips. SchoolPower funds programs for all of our local public schools, separate from the programs that El Morro PTA provides. Your support of both organizations helps make El Morro an even more amazing school!

  • How would you like to see your El Morro PTA money spent? If you have an idea for a new program or something that would benefit our studies, please reach out to us or join today. 

  • Can I attend a meeting if I am not a member? Yes. All parents/guardians are welcome to attend PTA meetings. All El Morro policies and practices must be abided by for guests to be on campus. Contact El Morro Elementary School for more details. We encourage you to join and volunteer if possible to further support your students' experience.

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