• Character Counts

    Character Counts

    The El Morro Character Counts’ program teaches character development based on six ethical values — trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship.
  • Art Masters

    Art Masters

    The Art Masters program is designed for K-5 students to complement history, social studies, and language arts. Six artists and their artistic styles are studied and then students work on classroom art activities relating to the master artist’s technique, style, and medium.
  • Gold Rush Days

    Gold Rush Days

    Gold Rush Days bring education and fun to El Morro School, turning the school’s field into an Old West town. Every year, more than 100 fourth grade students participate in this very popular event.
  • El Morro Garden Club

    El Morro Garden Club

    El Morro’s Gardening Club brings the fascination of nature and the natural world to its K-5 students. Bugs, birds, grass, flowers, animals, and sunshine are all a part of this outdoor experience.
  • After School Clubs

    After School Clubs

    El Morro’s well-structured after school programs effectively expand learning time for its students, providing opportunities for collaboration with same age peers and the broader community.
  • Field Trips

    Field Trips

    El Morro Elementary field trips make a lasting impression. Students are stimulated through enhanced learning and hands-on experience, opening up the student’s mind to a world full of possibilities!
  • Technology


    Thanks to School Power, El Morro now has iPads for all 5th graders!
  • Science on the Go!

    Science on the Go!

    Science on the Go is a highly acclaimed, interactive science program for grades K - 5. Designed to bring the outside world of science into the classroom, students are free to explore, inquire, observe and discover through hands-on teaching.

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07 Sep 2014
September 7, 2014

Join the El Morro PTA!  


The PTA provides a positive and fun way to get involved in your child’s education.

It is easy to join, just click to become a member of El Morro PTA.

Want more information about PTA?  Come to our first PTA meeting on Tuesday, September 16th at 9:15 am in the Multi-Purpose Room.

Dear El Morro Families,

I’m honored to serve as your PTA President for the upcoming school year. Our PTA has established a strong history at El Morro, and has been instrumental in supporting numerous enrichment programs and activities to support our teachers and students. It is my goal to continue to build on that tradition, and I thank you for the opportunity to serve you over the coming year.

I just met with our incoming PTA Board and am so excited about the energy and ideas that flowed from that meeting. Our goal for the coming school year is to build upon, and continue to strengthen, the sense of community that makes El Morro such a special place. To do so, we will need your help.

One of the things I love most about El Morro is the diversity of backgrounds and experiences among our families. Each of us has an opportunity to make a valuable contribution to our school by sharing our ideas and expertise, and I encourage you to increase your level of involvement over the coming year. This is your Parent Teacher Association, and we can’t continue to support El Morro without you.

I look forward to an exciting school year ahead, and am looking forward to working with you. I hope you have an amazing summer!

Warmest Regards,

Holly Anderton
El Morro PTA President

16 Jun 2014
June 16, 2014

A Note From Our PTA President


Hello El Morro PTA Parents and Friends,

The school year is quickly coming to an end and I want to take this opportunity to thank the community for such a fulfilling year.  With shared effort from our PTA Board, amazing parents, teachers and our El Morro staff, much work was accomplished.

This year, El Morro PTA supported our many ongoing enrichment programs and activities including: Boo Blast, Colonial Days, Art Masters, Field Trips, Science-on the-Go, After School Clubs, Book Fair, lunchtime activities, Jog-a-thon, Character Counts assemblies and much more! All of these happenings are due to 100% parent participation and volunteering through our PTA programs.Our PTA Board recently purchased a Weather Bug Portal! This system will allow all  El Morro students to further study weather as it relates to our campus. We are excited to assist with furthering our students science education. Also, if you did NOT purchase a Yearbook online, they will be available next week in the office or for sale at lunch. Please have your student bring cash.

Please consider volunteering for a dynamic role or any other position with the PTA. We invite you to come to our upcoming Association meetings in the fall. We have a new board in place under the leadership of Holly Anderton. She will do an excellent job in carrying our school’s strong PTA traditions.

Finally, I have enjoyed every minute as your PTA President. These past two years have been an incredible journey personally and I am looking forward to another year as the Boo Blast Co-Chair! I wish you all a safe and fun summer!


Roshaunie Sirianni

2014/2015 PTA Executive Board:
Holly Anderton, President
Megan Tyrell, 1st Vice President
Nessa Kavanagh, 2nd Vice President
Celine MacMillan, Recording Secretry
Ellen Hurley, Treasurer
Sheila Parker, Financial Secretary
Lisa Jensen, Historian
Linda Odetto, Parliamentarian

Thank you for supporting El Morro PTA!

  1. Join PTA Now
  2. DONATE to El Morro PTA

    Thank you for supporting El Morro PTA!  Donations of any amount are always appreciated.

  3. Volunteer! Pick your event
    El Morro PTA knows that one of the universal concerns for new parent volunteers is time commitment and if it will be too much. That’s why we’ve built in flexible and easy sign up schedules for almost every event hosted at El Morro. Volunteering has never been easier! You can sign up for whatever works best for you. We know that people have different styles and abilities and we at El Morro PTA appreciate everyone’s help. We’re so glad you’re here!

    CLICK HERE to view a list of volunteer opportunities!