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You can place a “Support Ad” for your family member or act  by displaying a personalized message and picture in our Talent Show program. Or you can advertise for your business. The El Morro Talent show is an event loved by our school, this year’s program will be a special memento of memories, kept for many years to come. To reserve ad space, please complete the attached form and leave at the office ASAP!. Or E-mail details, along with business logo/ support add (in high resolution) to elmorrotalentshow@live.com. Space is limited so act fast!

Ad space is also available on our Step and Repeat Show Banner.  Ads in one size can be repeated up 10 times throughout the banner. The banner will be photographed hundreds of times and be on display for the entirety of the Talent Show event night. You can have your company logo displayed or submit a personalized “family” logo. The El Morro Talent Show step and repeat banner was first introduced last year and was loved by all. Your contribution helps the Talent Show committee and El Morro PTA create an even more fun, memorable and exciting event for your children.

To reserve ad space for the program, and or banner , please complete the forms attached ASAP.

✹ Last but not least, TICKET SALES will open TONIGHT to talent families first (I WILL SEND YOU THE LINK), then open for general sale this Thursday via the PTA website. BUY FAST TO RESEARVE YOUR SEAT. Our PTA has kindly set up a new system for ticket sales, making the process much easier. You can now choose your own seats, then print your ticket at home. We will have volunteers show night to take you to your seats. There will be no box office ticket sales the night of the show, sales via the PTA website will close at 3pm the day of the show.

Any questions please don’t hesitate, look out for more show/rehearsal information coming soon.


Buy a program Ad

Buy sponsorship on step-repeat photo banner

Thank you for your support of El Morro Jog-A-Thon — We are looking forward to another successful event!

Don’t miss the delicious competition at this year’s Lumberyard Chef Challenge, benefitting SchoolPower, on Monday, January 25. This popular dinner features all four Laguna Beach principals fiercely competing with dueling menus and delicious food.  The rivalry is fierce, and I must say the elementary school principals are the defending champions!  It’s all for fun and for the schools!

Go to lbschoolpower.org to reserve your tickets today.

Seating is limited and this dinner sells out!

This month, El Morro is proud to support a noble initiative driven by some of our very own Laguna Beach High School students.  Rose Niermeijer, a senior at LBHS, and former El Morro Sea Lion, approached me for help.  For years, our High School’s Model United Nations (MUN) program has run a charitable foundation that supports a rural elementary school in Kenya.  Oloolaimutia Elementary School in Maasai Mara, Kenya is underfunded, overcrowded, and lacks even the most basic resources, including electricity!

The LBHS MUN Foundation’s current project is to raise $15,000 to help Oloolaimutia purchase a wind-solar electrical generator to provide its students with 5,000W of electricity per day.  Donation boxes will be placed in each classroom until January 29.  Please encourage your child to participate in this donation drive.

For more information, please visit www.lbhsmunfoundation.org

Thank you for supporting El Morro PTA!

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