2022-2023 El Morro PTA Chairs

Our PTA is made up of hard-working parents & teachers who pool their talents to provide practical support for our school. Those listed below volunteered to provide committee leadership this year. Get to know their names and faces, and feel free to ask them if you have questions.


Advocacy POSITION OPEN Advocacy@elmorropta.org
After School Clubs Run through SchoolPower No longer under PTA
Angels Game Fundraiser Stacy Gavin AngelsGame@elmorropta.org
Boo Blast Julie Warnsdorfer BooBlast@elmorropta.org
Boo Blast Bake Sale Emily Rolfing Laura Sewell BooBlastbakesale@elmorropta.org
Boo Blast Haunted House Luzma OrtizPeter Kreder hauntedhouse@elmorropta.org
Boo Blast Silent Auction POSITION OPEN SilentAuction@elmorropta.org
Boo Blast Sponsorships see sponsors below booblastsponsors@elmorropta.org
Boo Blast T-shirt Contest Lindsey Richland BooBlastTshirtContest@elmorropta.org
Book Fair

Jenée Zamorano

Luzma Ortiz

Bus Driver/Custodian Appreciation Jennifer Nastanksi BusCustodianAppreciation@elmorropta.org
Character Counts Analia Ekberg CharacterCounts@elmorropta.org
Community Giving Michelle Cornell Giving@elmorropta.org
Diversity Committee POSITION OPEN Diversity@elmorropta.org
Family Engagement Liz Black Family@elmorropta.org

Erin Crandall

Audrey Boixo

Green Team   GreenTeam@elmorropta.org
Harvest Festival

Shanti Schiller

Nikki Livolsi-Welker

Hospitality Erin Berryman Hospitality@elmorropta.org
Jog-A-Thon Ryan Gates JogAThon@elmorropta.org
Library Carrie Drew Gardner
Allison Eggers
Membership Jen Rodriguez membership@elmorropta.org
Newsletter Jenée Zamorano Newsletter@elmorropta.org
Reflections Liliana Jones Reflections@elmorropta.org
Room Parent Liaison Andrea Heins RoomParentLiaison@elmorropta.org
Special Education Liaison

Jennifer Bullington

Joy Zembruski

Spelling Bee POSITION OPEN spellingbee@elmorropta.org
Sponsors Alina Sanchez Sponsors@elmorropta.org
Talent Show Jennifer Bullington TalentShow@elmorropta.org
Teacher/Staff Appreciation

Stacy Gavin

Emily Rolfing

Welcoming Newcomers Siri Parkin Newcomer@elmorropta.org
Technology/Website Emily Rolfing Website@elmorropta.org
Yearbook Julie Warnsdorfer Yearbook@elmorropta.org



PTA Committee Chair Position Descriptions


The following are the EL Morro PTA volunteer committees that help to serve and put on all of the PTA events and programs for our students throughout the year. We would not be able to succeed without the help of our dedicated and committed family of volunteers. Read more to find out about the positions, a description of the responsibilities per committee, the recommended number of chair and committee members, the timeline and estimated time commitment for the chair role, and skills that may be helpful in this position.

If you are interested in becoming a committee chair or helping out in any capacity, we welcome you to get involved, please contact the president@elmorropta.org. Don’t be intimidated by the time listed, you can put in as much or as little time as you would like to volunteer.




1 chair


Attends an annual conference at the state capital and reports back with information about PTA positions on current legislation. Time: School year Skills: Organization, synthesize information into a report, travel.


Boo Blast               

2 chair + 2 committee


Coordinate with all committee chairs, manage vendors, create maps and plan events for volunteers. Time: Months of Sept October; 3-10 hours/week; All day on days leading up to and of the event. Skills: Event planning, delegating, communication, organization.


Boo Blast Bake Sale                

1 chair +  1 committee


Advertises need for donated baked week before the week before, come in early morning of Boo Blast comes to collect donation and store in kitchen. During Boo Blast, manages the bake sale with multiple volunteers throughout the night. Time: Month of October.  2-4 hours/day for 4 days. All day long on day of Boo Blast with a couple of preparation days Skills: Communication, organization, baking.


Boo Blast Haunted House                  

2 chair +1 committee


Plans out the design and theme of the haunted house, gathers props and materials, manages setup the days leading up to the event and teardown after. Needs a strong committee.  Time: Month of October; All day long on day of Boo Blast and set up/takedown 2 days before and after Skills: Design, arts & crafts, planning, delegation.


Boo Blast Silent Auction                

1 chair + 1 committee


Organizes the silent auction baskets donated by each classroom, make sure to avoid duplicate themes from each basket, help the room parents price their baskets, wrap the baskets in cellophane, keep track of basket sales during the event, and make sure baskets are paid for and taken home on the day of the event. Organize and manage credit card payments on iPads. Set up the tables at Boo Blast and tear down after. Time: Month of October; 3-4 hours in preparation and day of event, and present for duration of Boo Blast event. Skills: Organization, communication, comfortable delegating.


Boo Blast T-Shirt Contest                

1 chair


Coordinates with Boo Blast Chair(s), creates flyers to advertise the rules, distributes to teacher to send home. Collects all entries, organizes by grade and delivers to the district for judging. Time: Month of October; 2-4 hours total Skills: Communication, organization.


Bus Driver / Custodian Appreciation      

1 chair + 1 committee


Organizes the week-long activities and luncheon. Time: Month of April; 6-8 hours total in preparation and delivery. Month of April; 6-8 hours total in preparation and delivery. Skills: Organization, communication, planning events, comfortable delegating.


Character Counts           

1 chair + 4 committee


Work with a committee to carry out Funday Monday activities, monthly assemblies, t-shirt contest, and communications to amplify and advocate for Character Counts. Time: School Year; 4 hours/month planning, 2 hours on first Monday of the month (distributed among committee). Skills: Organization, communication, coordination of events with kids, comfortable delegating.


Family Engagement           

2 chair + 2 committee


Plan family engagement night events in fall and spring, coordinate food vendors, gather movie watching supplies (spring), schedule events for kids (fall), obtain permits, confirm insurance, and create communications. Time: August and April; 12-20 hours total, twice per year. Long hours on day of event plus planning hours. Skills: Organization, communication, planning events, comfortable delegating.



1 chair + 2 committee


Help out in the garden for six- one hour long sessions per year  (distributed among committee). Help is also needed in the garden during the after school club in the winter and spring. Time: School year; Six, 1-hour sessions throughout the year, plus winter, and spring after school. Skills: Gardening, planning.


Green Team         

1 chair


Advocates to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Time: School year; 6-8 hours total. Skills: Communication.


Harvest Festival Committee  

2 chair + 4 committee


Works with the co-chairs to plan events and purchase materials for each station. Set-up and clean-up for the 2-day event in November, coordinate stations, donations and activities, oversee volunteers. Time: Month of November; 12-20 hours total. Skills: Event planning, arts & crafts, delegating, organizing.



1 chair + 1 committee


Provides food for volunteer events, sends thank you cards to sponsors and birthdays notes for teachers, using PTA funds. Time: Monthly, all school year; 2 hours/month. Skills: Hosting and creating delightful spreads, communication, organization.


Jog-A-Thon Committee        

1 chair + 4 committee


Chair and committee work together for our biggest fundraiser of the year to coordinate sponsors, create and order t-shirts, create communications and run events. Strong committee of volunteers needed. Time: January through March. All day of event in March; 12-20 hours planning + all day presence on day of event. Skills: Organization, communication, planning events, comfortable delegating.



1 chair


Coordinate events with librarian (Book Fair, parent volunteers). Time: All school year; 2 hours/month ramp up hours during book fair. Skills: Communication and organization.


Spelling Bee  

1 chair


Manages the 5th grade students who wish to participate in the contest. Time: Month of April. Skills: Organization.


Sponsorship Committee     

1 chair + 3 committee


Works with the chair and a strong committee of helpers to find new and manage existing local businesses to sponsor events. Time: All school year, but heavily focused in Oct (Boo Blast) and Feb (Jogathon). Skills: Organization, communication, comfortable asking for money, delegating.


Talent Show Committee     

1 chair + 3 committee


Chair and committee work together to manage students during rehearsals and participate in the talent show (behind the scenes). Time:  End of April/Event in May; 8-15 hours total in prep, plus day of event. Skills: Organization, communication.


Teacher/Staff Appreciation  

1 chair + 3 committee


Showers our beloved faculty with gifts, meals and surprises during the week in spring. Time: Month of April for the week in early May; 8-12 hours total. Skills: Organization, communication, planning events, comfortable delegating.


Technology/ Website        

1 chair


Maintain the website and keep it updated with relevant and current events. Time: School Year, behind the scenes from home; 4 hours/month. Web skills, communication, attention to detail.



1 chair + 1 committee


Capture pictures and layout the school yearbook. Coordinate with: room parents to request class pictures, event chairs for event pictures, teachers and obtain pictures from every major school event via yourself or contacts. Place order by May. Time: All school year; 6-10 hours/month. Skills: Photo-documenting, organizing, communication.



Click here to see all the board members for the current school year. If you are interested in getting more involved, please don't hesitate to contact any one of us! Email our President for general questions.