Harvest Festival

It takes a village and we need you! This is a parent-run event and parents are needed all over the place!

November 21-22, 2022

El Morro Harvest Festival is a two-day event hosted in the MPR. The MPR is transformed backward in time before electricity and technology, complete with several crafting stations where students learn how children used to play and live! There will be storytelling experiences, P.E. and lunchtime activities, classroom crafts, and a bead trading for 4th and 5th graders who earn beads for displaying a Character Counts trait during the month leading up to the event. This event is a highlight of every El Morro student's elementary years!


Physical Education:During PE the week of and leading to the event, your student will participate in traditional games children used to play.


Village Crafts Include:

  • Candle Dipping
  • Corn Husk Doll Making
  • Gratitude Letters with Wax Seals
  • Making Bead Necklaces
  • Making Ropes
  • Leather Tooling
  • Sewing a Pillow or Cross Stitch


Monday, November 21st and Tuesday, November 22nd

Village Visit



8:25-9:25am 9:25-10:25am 10:25-11:25am 12:45-1:45pm 1:45-2:17pm
Chastain - 3rd
Jameson - 3rd
Martinez - 3rd
Vandemoortel - 3rd
Wagner - 3rd
recess Blanton - K
Krause - K
Mays - TK
Sjule - K
Besecker - 4th
Bochenek - 4th
Grey - 4th
Vandemoortel - 4th
8:25-9:25am 9:25-10:25am 10:25-11:25am 12:45-1:45pm 1:45-3:00pm
Chen - 2nd
Kovac - 2nd
Rusinkovich - 2nd
Stevens - 2nd
recess Cannan - 1st
Hayes - 1st
Saucedo - 1st
Stewart - 1st
Haverland - 5th
Togawa - 5th
Vandemoortel - 5th
Williams - 5th


If you have any questions about Harvest Festival, please contact WEB@elmorropta.org.