What does diversity mean to you?

One of the most amazing gifts we give our children each day is that we live in a diverse world: they go to school with children who are much different than they are. There are children who are non-native English speakers and some are children with disabilities; or who have same gender parents, single moms and dads, and in blended families, to name just a few. As parents, we want to ensure that our children learn to respect and accept differences in the world we live in. But where do we begin?


This dialogue is a first in a series to gain valuable feedback from our community to support initiatives that meet the mission of the newly formed El Morro Diversity Committee over the course of the school year,  which is: celebrate diversity, nurture respect and acceptance, and challenge assumptions-in our school community and in the world. The committee consists of parents and educators dedicated to fulfilling the mission.


So first, let’s ask you:

What does diversity mean to you in your family?


Give us your feedback by emailing the newly formed El Morro Diversity Committee at Diversity@elmorropta.org.  We look forward to hearing from you!