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Fall 2021 / Session I:

Sep 20, 2021 – Nov 18, 2021

Winter 2022 / Session II:

Jan 10, 2022 – Mar 3, 2022

Spring 2022 / Session III:

Mar 21, 2022 – May 19, 2022

Registration open from Sep 10th at 9am through Sep 17th at 5pm
Registration open from Dec 17th at 9am through Jan 6th at 5pm
Registration open from Mar 11th at 9am through Mar 20th at 5pm


Registration Opens Dec 17th 


Club Descriptions (below are from the Fall '21 but will be similar for Winter '22)
*Full year classes, registration open in Fall session only with automatic enrollment in Winter and Spring.


LEGO® Engineering will have students working with LEGO® while teaching a wide variety of
engineering topics. Students will learn organizational and fine motor skills, as well as team work
and other life skills! Through LEGO® Engineering courses students will discover simple
engineering concepts by engaging in fun activities and guided play all based around machines.


CORE Multi-Sport

CORE Athletics raise the bar on after school programs and take your child’s physical education to the next level. These multi-sport classes cater to the needs, experience level, age, and ability of all participants while providing the dose of activity kids need to stay strong & healthy throughout the school year. CORE Coaches utilize a combination of fun activities, athletics drills, and sports-specific techniques to keep each participant physically active and engaged. Plus, CORE Coaches use teaching moments to weave important life lessons such as good sportsmanship, teamwork, leadership, and appropriate peer interaction into every class.  Classes are separated into small groups and appropriate for kids of all ages, athletic experiences, and sports skill levels.



CORE Basketball Classes are for kids of all levels who are interested in developing their basketball skills in a fun and exciting environment. These multi week programs are designed to accelerate the learning process through outstanding instruction, skill development, situational training, and scrimmages. Participants learn to improve footwork, dribbling, passing, shooting, and defense abilities through exciting drills, games, and activities. More advanced participants learn more advanced concepts, such as man-to-man, zone, and help defense; fast breaks; boxing out; and setting screens.  Classes are separated into small groups and appropriate for kids of all ages, athletic experiences, and basketball skill levels.


Bala Shala Yoga

Bala Shala Yoga for Kids is a fun, creative approach to yoga. The use of animated poses, stretching exercises, and games promote strength, flexibility, confidence, and self-esteem. Breathing and visualization techniques teach kids how to focus, relax, and develop self-control. Kids’ yoga also promotes a love and respect for others, one’s self, and the world around us.



Children will learn the Japanese art of Origami along with different aspects of Japanese culture.
Strategic Origami will teach children to think deeply, gain confidence, solve problems, develop
patience, visualize results and strategize and plan. Each class students will receive an origami
instruction sheet on what was covered in class that day and take home their completed Origami
projects creted during class.


ProTouch Soccer

For all the students who love playing soccer together at school, or who want to play soccer and would benefit from extra coaching. Whether your child is new to soccer or plays on an organized team, the Pro Touch Soccer Development trainers can teach and reinforce proper soccer fundamentals, such as ball-handling skills, offense, defense, and teamwork, all in a fun, positive environment.


Brainstorms Young Einsteins: Mystery Science

This amazing new course is loaded with tons of fun and engaging hands-on experiences. Each day
students will explore different mysterious science principles through awesome experiments. Create
a sailboat that floats on air using magnetic levitation. Unlock the mystery of of air and flight by
using powerful scientific vacuums and learning about Bernoulli’s Principle of flight through amazing
experiments. This course will excite and ignite the mind of your young scientist!


Brainstorms Engineering & Robotics: LEGO® Robotics University

Explore the exciting world of robotics by programming and engineering robots to automate
a robotics factory, perform robot rescues and build a base on Mars! Using the amazingly
versatile LEGO® MindStorm robotics systems, our students will imagine, build and program
robots to solve a wide array of real world problems. Utilizing the STEM (Science, Technology,
Engineering, Math) framework, this course teaches kids truly valuable fundamentals in
engineering and programming all while having lots of fun!



Using a story-based curriculum this class will get children excited about the ancient game of
chess. Lessons are tailored to the skill level of the students meaning all chess levels are
welcome! In each class, children receive a 30 minute lesson followed by 30 minutes of chess
playing time! Chess teaches many life skills including sportsmanship, patience, strategic
thinking, planning ahead, and working towards a goal. The class will end with a fun tournament
where students have the opportunity to win trophies and prizes!


Good News Club

Through games, Bible lessons, stories, and crafts we will learn more about God and His great love for us! Come join us, everyone is welcome! Both new and returning students will experience different activities each session. Students will have the opportunity to earn tickets for participation. They can redeem their tickets for prizes on the last day of each session.


Strategic Kids Masters of the Field

This is an outdoor program where students will have the opportunity to participate in exciting outdoor games where they will have fun, learn strategy and skills, and socialize with other students. We have your child’s favorite games, and custom games never before seen! Students will have the chance to be paired up with partners, be on different teams, and be on their own. Classes are one hour long which will include stretching and warm ups before the games begin. Masters of the Field promotes students to: gain confidence, build teamwork skills, learn different strategies, encourages sportsmanship and an active lifestyle, and builds academic knowledge. Come join us today!



Using performance magic students will learn public speaking skills and build their confidence in
a fun way! Each week, students will learn and build new magic tricks, practice their routines as
well as practice performing them in front of the class. Students will focus on using their
creativity and presentation skills while learning to customize their magic routines to their
audience. Session will end with a Magic Showcase in which students will perform for their
fellow magicians.


Book Club

Does your student love to escape into a good book? When a reader discovers a genre that excites them, they are more inclined to spend time in those literary worlds.  Book club will give students a chance to discover what books interest them most. We will collectively decide on a chapter book to read, and discuss the literary elements of the chapter book. Our cozy book club will be limited to ten students and will require additional reading outside after school club hours. Book club will inspire a love of reading and provide a perfect escape to uncover new adventures through reading.


Reading Counts

Mrs. Likins will read stories aloud, and then facilitate students logging in to Beachport to access the Scholastic Reading Counts app. She will help them develop strategies to successfully improve comprehension and pass quizzes. For 2nd - 3rd grade students who currently have less than 60 Reading Counts points. Have your child log on to Scholastic SRC from their Beachport account to check their progress of points or email



Kassirer After School Tennis was created by Laura Kassirer, a Wimbledon player, so students can have fun learning a sport they can play for a lifetime conveniently at school with their classmates. We set up portable tennis nets on your playground to make mini tennis courts and provide kid-size racquets & balls! We also implement Point of Contact training with BJ King’s Eye Coach. Students will learn professional quality strokes; play fun group games, improve point of contact and start to rally. We group the class by grade and teach to your child’s level and abilities. Our coaches emphasize sportsmanship and teamwork while instilling that every child can succeed through persistence and hard work. Our coaches also make sure your kids are socializing and having fun! Just wear athletic shoes and attire to class and we will provide the rest!


5th Grade Guitar*

Learn to play guitar with Mrs. Sand, who has 45 years of experience teaching guitar! Students will learn an accompaniment method: basic strumming patterns, chords, introduction to finger picking, classic riffs, and tons of songs. Emphasis is on good technique!


Honors Chorus*

Open to all 4th & 5th graders who love to sing - or who would like to learn to sing better. We perform nine times a year all over Laguna Beach including the Sawdust Festival, Hospitality Night, El Morro Talent Show, The Patriot’s Day Parade, Laguna Beach Museum of Art, Open House, and more…a great opportunity to really develop your singing voice and learn stage presence and performance techniques.


5th Grade Band*

This class is only for 5th grade students who played an instrument last year, playing the same instrument this year, and are part of the band program during the school day. Students will work on more advanced music as all of the students in the class will be in their second year of playing.


4th Grade Band*

This class is open to all 4th graders who are a part of the band program during the school day. This class is an extension of the school day band and gives the students another opportunity to improve on their instrument. Students will work on the fundamentals of their instrument both as an individual and as part of the group.


5th Grade Orchestra*


4th Grade Strings*

Play a cello, viola or violin? Join the Strings after school club where we work on music from class or your own selections! Come to these classes for extra help or to work on new concepts with the strings teacher, Mr. Hwang. Come have fun with your instrument and improve your tone, technique, reading skills, and musical ability! Open to any string-playing 4th graders at El Morro Elementary.


Spanish 1*

Enjoy learning Spanish in this FUN, interactive class. Children will learn Spanish as they sing songs, play games, do crafts and learn about the Spanish culture. This class will be appropriate for children new to learning Spanish.


Spanish 2*

Enjoy learning Spanish in this FUN, interactive class. Children will learn Spanish as they sing songs, play games, do crafts and learn about the Spanish culture. This class will be appropriate for children who have had Spanish classes in the past.



*Full year classes, registration open in Fall session only with automatic enrollment in Winter and Spring.



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Important Enrollment Reminders

  • Scholarships available – Please email for availability.
  • Spots are first come, first served and there are no refunds once club space is purchased.
  • Please remember that absences from an after school club should be called in to the call sick line (949) 376-2227. Calling this line prevents us from calling parents unnecessarily to locate students who should be in clubs. Thank you!
  • If you are interested in classes that are full, please contact Keri Barriga or Trisha Dearing at to get on a waitlist. If space becomes available, an email notification will be sent and enrollment is on a first come, first served basis.
  • For those without access to a computer and/or email address, computers are available in El Morro Library.