El Morro PTA | Colonial Days Are Coming
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Colonial Days Are Coming

Colonial Days Second Crafting Bee!


We need YOU!! Every year, we turn the MPR into a Colonial and Native American village, which takes place the Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving.


Our second crafting bee will be held from 9am-2pm THIS Thursday, November 9th! Please come join us as we pre assemble materials for Colonial Days. Many hands make light work! For questions please contact our Colonial Days Co-Chairs at Colonialdays@elmorropta.org

Crafting bee volunteers will assist with Colonial Days pre assembly work including:

  • Bead organizing
  • corn husk doll making
  • wick & ribbon cutting
  • fabric
  • canvas assembly
  • and rope making


Supplies and refreshments provided

For questions: Contact Colonial Days chairs Monica Van Gundy and Christy Johnson Here!